What makes TrainingMeals the driving force in this field?

TrainingMeals closes the gap between training and nutrition by providing real, personalized recipes to your corresponding real-life data. Because great performance come nutritionally.

Is TrainingMeals right for me if I'm coming back from an injury?

Yes, TrainingMeals is developed to help you build strength, health, and agility by providing healthy nutrition plans and adapts with you along the way. So, even if you must take a break, continue to enjoy your personalized meal program.

Do I need a nutritionist when I have a TrainingMeals subscription?

No, you don't. TrainingMeals is your personal team of nutritionists. Nutritionists and Triathletes have been developing this platform to help athletes reach their goals and maximize their potential.

Do you have personal training coaches for me?

No, we do not recommend coaches. But you can get a coach at Trainingpeaks.com and import your training schedule to TrainingMeals. We will then create the perfect nutrition plan for you.

Can I use TrainingMeals if I don't have a smart device?

Yes, you can by planning your workouts manually through your TrainingMeals calendar. However, you will get the best experience, having paired your TrainingMeals account with a smart device.

Can I use TrainingMeals if I don't use Amazon Fresh?

Yes, you can. Amazon Fresh is a service we provide for your convenience. If you are not signed up or choose not to- we got you covered. Our grocery list will show you all ingredients needed for your recipes. You can view, print out, and download your grocery list per day, two, three, four days, or the whole week.

Do I have to cook the meals myself, or do they get delivered?

Our TrainingMeals Nutrition experts have created healthy meal options for you to choose from. However, the meals must be prepared and cooked by you. You can choose to get your ingredients delivered to your door through your Amazon Fresh order. If needed, additional ingredients can be bought at your local grocery store.


How do I subscribe to TrainingMeals and purchase a monthly membership?

Just download the app and fill out your personal questionnaire. You will then be asked if you prefer an annual plan, 3 months, or a monthly subscription. The first 7 days are on us. We only charge the bare minimum allowed by the app platforms. Why are we charging money at all? We want you to use the app. If we charge a small amount, we feel chances are lower that we are just another app no-one uses.

How do I cancel my membership? Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

We understand life happens, and things can get in the way. You can cancel anytime, and your subscription will end at the current billing period. If you do not cancel it before the next billing period has started, it will automatically renew and bill you for the next month. Your billing period begins when your 7day free trial has ended.


Can I edit/change my training program?

Yes, you can. TrainingMeals is highly agile in that matter. Just enable The Guide in the app to get explanations why we do what and how.

How do I log a non-tracked (without smart-device) workout?

In "TrainingPlans," use the "Add Training" button and manually log your workout session click "Save Training". You’ll find more in The Guide.In "TrainingPlans," use the "Add Training" button and manually log your workout session click "Save Training". You’ll find more in The Guide.

What happens if I miss a workout? Will my caloric use be adjusted?

Yes, the system will adjust to your lifestyle since we provide meals based on your personal activities, you'll get a list of meals to prepare based on your day-to-day activity and your training. Please just delete this workout from your calendar, and the system will adjust.


Can I choose my recipes?

Yes, our TrainingMeals Nutrition experts have created healthy meal options for you to choose from with a wide range of different styles and cultural dishes from around the world. But you can also enter your own recipes and see if they fit your training schedule.

What kind of ingredients do you use for your recipe?

Transparency is essential to TrainingMeals. We make it our priority to pick the best products available to ensure high quality throughout. It’s not only the right number of calories and combination of macros and micros, but also just as much great quality food and ingredients that make you a better athlete. For that reason, you will not find some ingredients you might be used to in our ingredient list. No worries, though, we have great products to replace those.

Should I food-prep?

We suggest batch cooking for the following foods: Muffins, Bread, Cookies, Bars, Energy Balls, Granola, and Nut-Mixes. This way, you have your planned snacks readily available and on hand to eat on the go.


What do I do if my Amazon delivery is delayed & I can't follow my meal plan in time?

Delays can always happen. Therefore, we suggest planning your meals a week in advance & stocking up on pantry goods, providing you with other ingredients on hand. This way, if necessary, you can adjust easily by changing your meal options based on the ingredients you have at home. Of course, if possible and required, a quick run to the grocery store with our grocery list is also an option to cover delayed deliveries.

What shall I do if the suggested Amazon ingredient is unavailable in my area?

We suggest picking a close resemblance to the initially suggested ingredient or buying it at your local grocery store.

If you didn't find your answer, please contact us at help@mytrainingmeals.com or contact us on social media. We usually get back to you within 24 hours during business days.