Upload your workouts

Upload or enter your training plan including duration, heart rate zones, pace, and distance. We ask you to continuously update flexible data like your body weight. You can enter your training plan daily, monthly, or all at once.

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Pick your personal meal plan

Next, you pick your personal meal plan with your favorite items from an extensive menu. We then adjust the ingredients to meet your nutritional needs. You'll get the exact amount of calories and combinations of macros and micros to support your recovery. No matter if you are vegan or omnivore, pick delicious meals from different cuisines to keep your menu exciting.

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Shop for your ingredients

Once you picked your menu, we will create a shopping list for you. You can uncheck the items you already have at home. Transfer your shopping list to Amazon Fresh and get your items delivered where available. Use the online recipes for cooking your delicious menu. The BEST COOKING PRACTICE link gives you helpful tips on how to make cooking easy and enjoyable.

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Get the right supplements

After every workout, your smartwatch will send us data about your workout. We’ll then use that data to recommend the perfect nutritional supplements and adjust your meals for faster recovery and better performance going forward. The result will be a nutrition plan that is constantly evolving and improving according to your progress.

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